Coronavirus COVID-19 Phase-1 (Our Initiatives & Coverages)

Major Highlights / Summary

8441 households were reached out directly by providing essential food item kits (including food grain, wheat flour, soya chunks, detergent powder, soap cooking oil, sugar, salt, biscuits & dry ration for children etc.
Supported to 12293 households with additional community contribution of essential items amounting rupees 66,51,000 /-
The intervention has reached the poorest of the poor households of 1174 villages in 788 panchayats of 21 districts in Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.
No one in the target locations left behind to stay hungry and in scarcity of essential items amid Covid 19 lockdown.
Motivated and ignited the community support system and accountability towards the needy population in the villages which can be seen through the additional community support to 12293 households.
Gram Panchayats and PRIs got activated to plan and spend resources to respond to the specific needs of the community during lockdown.
Establishment of sustainable community based and community led food management system and grain banks during crisis.
Promotion of kitchen gardens through seed support and motivation for home grown green and nutritious vegetables for the children and women.
And finally played catalytic role in providing essential food items support to the total number of 20734 households with a limited resources during the crisis.

Madhya Pradesh (COVID-19) Phase-1

Chhattisgarh (COVID-19) Phase-1