Story of Change

Online application though information kiosks facilitates ‘widow pension for Kamla and Sharda’

kamla and sharda bai’s from Jasmat village in Sehore district of lost their respective husbands, two brothers in an local tragedy. Extremely Poor , and now widowed, the two women of the same family gave an apllication to local Panchayat secretary for start of ‘widow pension’. Wait of several months and repeted enquiries with the Panchayat secretary were in vain, till they came across Oracle’s information volunteer. He checked the online status and told them that Panchayat secertary has been fooling them and ‘Panchayat ‘ has not made any application for them. The volunteer sbsequently facilitated them to file an online application for widow pensions. The oracle kiosks helped them to make online application accomnied with all the necessary documents. Pensions were sanctioned subsequently. Both Kamla and Sharda are now receiving ‘widow pensions’ pf Rs. 300 each.