Story of Change

Mamta gets Rs. 25000 in Family benefit scheme from the support of oracle volunteer

Mamta ,from a Dalit household could just make her ends meet, however, the fine equilibrium of her already challenging life was thrown out of gear. Her husband died in an accident in October 2016. It was then she came across the ‘ Oracle information volunteer’ wh o informed her on the ‘Family benefit Scheme’ , targeted towards poor households that loose their major bread winner. The volunteer also helped her to write the application and submitted it to block office. The application was also followed online till the time she received Rs. 25000/- . Now volunteer asked her to apply for ‘widow’ pension also. He heled her to get a death certificate of her husband from Panchayat and made an on-line application for widow pension scheme. The application was made with the help of kiosks supported by Oracle. It took five months ,but her widow pension of Rs. 300 per month has been sanctioned.