Story of Change

Women Sanitary workers turn sanitary entrepreneurs

Women Sanitary workers in the village Gadadih in Durg district of Chhattisgarh turned entrepreneurs, running a profitable enterprise by waste collection and management. The interventions are supported by CSR of LIC Hosing Finance limited.  The woman workers undertake collection, segregate and engage in primary processing of solid waste. The plastic, glass, and other reusable waste is sold to nearby waste market. They have built a system of household waste collection, using an e-Riksha managed by women drivers. The waste is collected from the households on a small charges. Panchayat has allotted them a piece of land for undertaking waste segregation. This has led to cleanliness and improved sanitation in village.  The workers are also engaging in composting of green waste, which is sold for a small price. The women workers are making an income by selling of processible and reusable waste. Additionally they make income by collection charges and sale of compost.  The women in the group have earned a revenue of ?66,500 in 7 months only.