Story of Change

Women farmers turn wasted community land into banana orchards

Women farmers in Manikchauri, Bohardih, Parsahi, Gadadih and Dhaurabhatha under the project supported by LIC housing Finance limited are collectively planting trees and producing indigenous crops in 28 acres of community land. Gram Panchayats have supported the program in allocating community land to women self-help groups in these five villages.  Total 6000 banana plants along with 500 other fruit plants, and creepers are being cultivated by women farmers in the community land.  Vegetables grown are used for consumption at the household level, leading to improved nutrition and savings at household level. The women group also earned Rs 10,000 by selling vegetables in 3 months. Fruiting trees will start to give produce in couple of months, leading to additional income and availability of fruits to women and children. Attempt is being made to use the produce in school and Angawadi centers also.