Story of Change

Instalment for Housing support scheme released after checking the online portal status

Debu Bhai of Bapcha village ran from pillar to post to mobilise the release of 2nd instalment of the of an �housing support scheme called �Indira Aws Yojana� . The scheme provides Rs. 75000 in two installments to poor households for constructing houses. He got first installement and erased his �old�house to make way for New ONE. However, the second installment did not come through. He lived under the unconstructed roof and erased walls, visinting officials for release of second installments. The Orcle volunteer then informed him that �status of releses can be checked online�, and took him to orcle information kiosk to check the same. They were shocked to see that a �wrong� status was entered in online poratl , recomending �not� to release the installment. He approached the concerned officer with the oracle Volunteer. The concerned officials demanded bribe for rectifying the status, which propmted the volunteer to seek support from a local news paper corrospondent. Scared, the official �updated the online record� to actual status. The second installment was releasedafterwards.Debu Bhai completed the construction of his house from Rs. 75000 he got under the �Indira Awas Yojna�.