Story of Change

75 incomplete work for which completion certificate was issued on the portals were restarted and consequently completed in Bagli

During Social audit in Gram PANCHAYAT Barjahi in August 2015 brought out the grievance by the Panchayat body that a completion certificate ( CC) is flashing on the MIS portal for a work that is only 10% complete while only 5% total expenditure has been incurred. The issuance of the completion certificate on MIS portal ,debars any further expenditure on the particular work. Consequently the the road suppose o be built under NREGS is dug open and there are serious commuting problems for more than an year. The Sarpanch stated that several other Panchayats also are facing the similar problem. Samarthan started investigating the problem of fake issuance of completion certificate. The discussions were held PROJECT OFFICER, and she confirmed that there 76 such works in the block for which completion is issued on the MIS portal , while the works are on different stage of completion. The MIS portal automatically locks any release of funds to the works that are shown completed on the portal. The discussions were held with the district and state officials to resolve the issue. However both the parties maintained that other party has committed the wrong or there is technical snag at the portal, a common excuse quoted for all the problems and inefficiencies. As there was headway at the district level the problem was brought to the notice of the NREGS commissioner to intervene. The commissioner intervened and asked them to report the issue on ‘UTTARA’ portal , a portal specifically designated for monitoring and addressing NREGS complaints. The district was not even aware of such portal. However they reported 30 INCOMPLETE cases on UTTARA. The rest of the cases were initially denied by the district administration, but later resolved on our pursuance. Some of the cases put on ‘Uttara portal’ needed fresh permission by divisional commissioner of the region for reversal of the status from a complete to incomplete work, therefore took greater time to resolve. While 40 from the 76 cases have been resolved, and their status have been reverted and fund disbursement started, some of the cases are still being looked into. Consequently a fresh disbursement of about 30 lakh was made to restart these works. The works ranged from roads to , Anganwadi center, to -dug wells, Panchayat Bhavan etc.