Story of Change

Suspension and punitive action against Panchayat secretaries

Jan Sunvai was held in Nainpur block for the Social audits undertaken in 70 Panchayats of the block. Samarthan facilitated fact finding and building of records & data for the Jan Sunvai. The Jan Sunvai was attended by a large gathering including , media and government officials. Several cases were heard by the jury and punitive actions like suspension and recovery of the forged amount was taken. It happened that most such punitive actions were taken on the Panchayat level secretaries. Consequently recoveries were made from the secretaries and some that did not pay back were suspended. However some of the cases were pushed under the carpet by taking bribe. However as a reaction, the union of the Panchayat secretaries went on strike. There was pressure on the District CEO to withdraw the cases. Fortunately in this particular case the administration did not succumb to pressure and wherever the Gram Sabha had recommended serious actions and Jan Sunvai had found the officers guilty, the actions were taken . unfortunately some of the most corrupt secretaries have a got a stay from the court on the actions of administration.