Story of Change

Return of the Bribe by the Panchayat secretary

Mugdara is Panchayat in Nainpur bock of Mandla district. Social audit in the Panchayat was conducted 8th June 2015. It was reported in the special Gram Sabha that secretary of Panchayat demanded bribe for initiating work for individually targeted scheme. While some paid a bribe of Rs. 500 some paid as much as Rs. 15000 for getting a water well under the scheme. The Social audit in the village revealed this unscrupulous practise of the Gram –Panchayat secretary. The Gram Sabha decided that all the bribes paid by the individual farmers be returned by the secretary in fifteen days’ time, otherwise a formal FIR will be lodged against him. The secretary returned the bribe he had taken from the scheme beneficiaries.