Story of Change

Incomplete structures made functional on decisions of Social Audit Gram Sabha

Bojpura Kalan Panchayat in Mandla district had commissioned sever dug dug wells under NREGS. The works were completed and completion certificate were issued. However these dug wells did not have water. The issue was raised during the social audit. It was found that the estimates were for each well was worth 3.25 lakh. The engineers that are supposed to certify the fitness of the structures did not ever to the site and have given the completion certificate without seeing the structures. Even the money spent on the structures was most of the time at least a lakh less than the estimated budget. However in this case the expenditure quoted on the MIS was much higher than the actual expenditure, and what was known to the beneficiaries. The Gram Sabha decided that the wells should be deepened with the unspent funds circumvented by Panchayat/ site engineer. Five dug wells of the Panchayat were deepened and made functional after the social audit.