Story of Change

Missing toilets finally constructed after Social audit

Toilets were constructed in several Panchayats across the state by integrating Panchayat funds with the funds of Swacha Bharat MISSION . However missing or ghost toilets are not new. The SOCIAL Audit Campaign in Narainpur block in Mandla found that Panchayat had withdrawn the funds for toilet construction but neither constructed the toilet nor informed the beneficiaries. The Panchayat had simply eaten up the money fraudulently. The physical verification of works during social audit brought out the issue that these toilets were never constructed. The case was particularly highlighted for five Panchayats, namely Jenwan, Dilhoti, Pala sunder, Dhatura, Pandurna. Approximately 60 toilets were missing in these five Panchayats and funds worth 6 lakhs was swindled between these Panchayats. The beneficiaries wanted either the money that was meant for their toilets or Panchayat to construct the toilets. The special social audit Gram Sabha decided that missing toilets should be constructed. The matter was taken up in the Jan Sunvai that followed the social audit campaign. Panchayat along with the engineer was found guilty. The CEO of the district issued a warning letter to Panchayat and demanded that that these toilets should be completed in listed five Panchayats in a months’ time. The toilets were constructed subsequently.