Story of Change

Unfinished dug wells completed after social audit

Nayan Panchayat of Bajna Block in Ratlam district had social audits in June 2015. The construction for dug wells was commissioned in the farm land of Dheerji and Kalu under the individually targeted scheme of NREGS. However the wages were not paid to labourers for 15 days of work, and work had stopped consequently. The dug well lied unfinished , and the land was wasted too. The issue of non-payment of wages was raised in the social audit of the Panchayat. The secretary informed that wages were not paid as their bank accounts were not verified and recognised by MIS of the portal. The secretary of the Panchayat was summoned to complete the process of verification of bank accounts and its registration on the MIS. The wages were paid subsequently and the digging of the well was started once again. The wells have been completed now and both the beneficiaries have been able to increase the productivity of their farms. Several such cases were also reported from several other Panchayats such as Imlipada, Devli, Chatara etc in the district and several dug wells were completed after social audit.