Story of Change

Pending instalments for rural housing scheme ‘Indira Aawas Yojna’ released

Community across Panchayats and districts stated that several ‘Indira Aawas scheme’ beneficiaries received only first instalment for the house construction. As most of beneficiaries had erased their old houses to construct new houses under the scheme, it was critical for beneficiaries that the new construction takes place fast. However a large number of beneficiaries received only 1st instalments, they borrowed money from informal money lenders at high rate of interest to complete the house while repeatedly asking the Panchayat to expedite the release of the subsequent instalment. Continued delay in the release has forced several of these benefices to do bonded labour for the money lenders. Narsingh a beneficiary of the scheme had stated the same in the social audit Gram Sabha of Devli Panchayat in Bajna Block. In this particular case all the necessary formalities such as uploading of the ‘work progress/photograph’ etc. had been done while several in several other cases there were different types of problems including uploading of the correct documents. Narsingh’s case was taken up at the district level for the release of the instalments. While Panchayat level actions such as uploading of the correct documents have been initiated in several Panchayats where these issues were highlighted in social audits, the same has also been taken up at district and state level. An office order by the Rural development department has been issued to Panchayat to expedite the release of the second instalments for all the ‘Indira Aawas beneficiaries’