Story of Change

Construction of road in Dalit hamlets of Nayapura Panchayat in Berasia

A common finding across Panchayats has been that there been deviations in the site of construction from what has been sanctioned in the approved in the ‘provisioned technical sanctions’. Though formal technical approvals have been obtained for poor/Dalit/ Adivasi hamlets, the construction has taken place in upper class and caste mohallas , usually near the houses of influential families. One such case came to light during the social audit in Berasia block of Bhopal. A road sanctioned for Dalit hamlet that connected the Anganwadi center to main service lane was shown as the constructed road in the MIS portal. The data was verified during the physical verification process of the social audit in the given Panchayat, however pointed that road has been constructed in the Brahmin dominated hamlet. The issue was raised in the social audit Gram Sabha and the community demanded either the construction of road or punitive action against all the concerned parties. It was committed by the Panchayat that it will construct the road from its own funds in next six months