Story of Change

Hand-pump repaired after engaging with local media

Agnora is a village in Datia district. The severe drought in the region had dried up all the hand pumps in the village and there was a severe situation forcing a large scale migration. Two-three hand pumps were sole sources of water, however despite them, the the situation was grave. One of the hand-pump had sufficient water but the pipeline had decayed and broken down. The hand-pump was not functional consequently despite the water in the bore the community did not access water due to problem in water pipe of the hand-pump. The Bundelkhand campaign partner in the district started mobilising the Panchayat and community for the repair of the hand-pump , particularly as the village was completely parched. The president of the Panchayat informed that he had complained several times on the issue and even registered a complaint on the Chief Minister telephonic helpline . However there has been any outcomes so far. The issue was brought to the notice of local media and the community was also taken for regular weekly Jan Sunvai in district collectors office. While collector heard the case, the media was highlighting the same in local newspaper. The pressure building from both the sides yielded results. The collector intervened and directed the PHED department to repair the hand-pump.