Story of Change

Dug well construction in the drought provides needed cash and water in Pichor in Shivpuri district

Devri Panchayat like rest of the Bundelkhand was reeling under drought. The Panchayat president were making all out efforts to somehow provide the water. It was proposed by the community that a dug well can solve the problem, but it will be difficult to dig a well so fast and in this severe heat. Give the situation, it was proposed by the Panchayat that a well that could not be completed as delayed wages forced the Panchayat to stop the work, and this work can be restarted. The Panchayat assured that it will follow up the payment. However, there was paucity of funds in NREGS and the administration was not willing to re-start the work soon enough. Consequently MLA ( member of legislative assembly) was roped in to build pressure on the district administration. Finally the funds were released and the well was completed in the month of May. The construction and completion of dug-well provided water and much needed cash to the drought affected community in the village.