Story of Change

Streamlining the functioning of PDS ( Public Distribution Shops)

The social audit in Kundai Panchayat in Chindwara revealed that that PDS coupons have been issued to Panchayats so long the new cards are made. The beneficiaries can access coupons from the Panchayat to get ration from the PDS shops at the subsidised rates. The coupons are supposed to be given free of cost to the targeted beneficiaries by the Panchayat. However, Panchayat secretary was asking for bribe for providing the coupons. He was also giving it to other non-mandated beneficiaries. The issue was raised in the Social audit Gram Sabha and a complaint was lodged against the secretary. The secretary consequently begged to be pardoned this time and promised that he will never repeat the mistake. The functioning of the PDS shop was smoothened consequently