Story of Change

20 long years to get the dreams full filled

Foola bai belongs to a scheduled tribe who is a native of Gram Panchayat Rahunia, District/ Block Panna, MadhyaPradesh. She is a Anganbadi helper & literally bears the entire responsibility of her family. Her husband is an alcoholic therefore, throughout the day sits idle & does nothing to contribute his share to family. In short Fulla bai is the sole bread winner for the past 20 years post her marriage. In spite of being an ICDS support staff, she could not even get a Ration Card for her family. She approached and requested many times the Sarpanch & Gram Sachiv but her request was never heard. One day Fulla Bai had gone on daily wages to Mulwa Basole for construction of a well. That day Mr. Sujit Singh of Samarthan, was also present there, seeking information about the status of well construction. Fulla Bai gathered courage and explained her problem of rashan card to Sujit Singh. After giving a patient hearing Sujit Singh advised her to meet the Gram Saciv once again. As she met Gram Sachiv, she was happy to learn that her rashan card was already made and was given to Shanti bai. Fulla Bai blessed him for his goodness & reached out to Shanti Bai. To her disappointment, Shanti bai categorically denied to have received any such rashan card. . Fulla Bai was completely shattered. She again met Gram Sachiv & found that he was making excuses & lying. Finally she met Sujit Singh again & upon his advice shared with him her APL card. Without much delay Sujit Singh collected the entitlement records from the portal & presented it before the officials of Food Department & got the document prepared and the same evening it was handed over to Fulla Bai. With immense joy and gratitude, Fulla Bai aclaims “ she remembered all the gods and goddesses that day and thanked for devine intervention through the Samarthan worker. After all post 20 years of marriage, in July 2019 she was able to get 25 kg rashan from the fair price shop” The age old dictum became true “ there are problems & problems & problems but there are also solution & solutions & solutions