Samarthan-Centre for Development Support

Samarthan-Centre for Development Support is a leading non-profit organisation working in the Indian states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh since 1995. We believe that good governance is foundation for sustained and equitable development and effective participation by all stakeholders, especially the marginalised, socially excluded and disadvantaged groups, is necessary for promoting good governance.

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Our Journey

Samarthan completed 25 years of existence dedicated for promoting participatory development and governance. The journey has been quite rich so far with various moments of joys, achievements and disappointments.

Our Vision

Every citizen contributes meaningfully in shaping democratic State and enjoys benefits based on the principles of equality and equity.

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Our Mission

Promote and support participatory governance for equity and inclusion in development processes by capacity building, generating evidences and advocating the perspective of the most marginalized for enriched democracy.

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Training Center

Samarthan Residential Training Center is located in a posh colony of Green Avenue, Chunna Bhatti. The centre is five minutes away from the main road. A place ideally suited to conduct your meetings, conferences and seminars.

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Stories from the field | Community initiatives on coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19)      Case Studies →


The Social audit in the village revealed this unscrupulous practise of the Gram –Panchayat secretary.

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Research Reports

A common finding across Panchayats has been that there been deviations in the site of construction from what has been sanctioned

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Our Projects

Samarthan has been working in Chhattisgarh since inception of Samarthan. When Chhattisgarh became a separate state in 2000.

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Our Presence

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